A Handful of Statements In Parantheses and a Sprinkling of Strange Expressions

“Hey, Michelle! Wait up!”

Unfortunately, it appeared that Michelle had taken after the Invisible Man and disappeared off the face of the Earth.

“Craptastic nebulon!” One thing that everyone that knows me (which, granted, isn’t very many people) will tell you about me is that I have extremely strange and random expressions.

I sighed, and pivoted to drag my feet back to my locker when I saw george running my way.

“Holy perpetua!” (george takes after me in the expressions department.) “Bob, you won’t believe what I just saw!”

I just repeated the same forlorn sigh from a few moments ago, and started walking with george.

“What’s up?” I asked, expecting another of george’s extremely random (and often not completely true) tales.

george was breathless. A very strange state for him to be in. He never got excited about anything. A 500 -ton block could drop in front of him on top of a countless number of the other inmates at Freedom High and he wouldn’t flinch.

“Burrito’s on an ambulance trip to the hospital!”

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