Andrew didn’t dare go any further; mostly because airport security was beyond the conveyer belt, and he didn’t want to get into that. Marie was walking away with the purposeful, somewhat huffy walk she had when she felt she hadn’t gotten enough attention.

Lugging her lime green suitcase, she couldn’t help thinking that this seemed much too final for a “See you when I get back from this business trip” goodbye. It bothered her; but she couldn’t put her finger on it, so it remained ignored.

Andrew glanced down and realized he hadn’t given her the daffodils he’d bought- they were still clutched in his hand, glaring at him accusingly. Looking up quickly, he contemplated going after Marie and handing her the flowers- she wasn’t so far away, after all- but then she took a turn, and it wasn’t worth it.

Sighing, Andrew threw the daffodils in a nearby trash can and began the walk back to his car.

It struck him later that he was leaving behind more than the daffodils.

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