Sam's Plan

So we went on talking about other things, random things. Suddenly Sam says:

“Hey, it’s only 5, I’m coming over”


“I’m comign over, it’s not like your actually gonna get a lot of homework done anyways,. And I have an idea.”

“And I repeat: what? What is your idea? Please don’t do anything stupid.”

“Trust me it’s not! It’s just… C’mon I’ll come over, then tell you.”

“Okay, fine you can come over, but I’m not saying I’ll do your plan.”

“Are you drinking Hansens?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Orange right?”

“Uh, yeah. So?”

“So… everyone who knows you well would know that.”

“Sam, what is your point?”

“Just, here I”ll tell you at your house.”

“Okay fine see you then.”


And she hung up.

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