These hallways are always ridiculously cold.
No sounds embrace them at all.
I came here to mob away from the long day.
The afternoons here turn into elongated evenings
and I am right back to where I started.
All I find is evidence from melancholy nights
and better memories.
You said that they would never tame you.
You approach me with curiosity,
as if I am the first girl you’ve seen.

The gleaming stare in your eye is so still
that it almost becomes an “it”.
It catches me and it clasps my being
but what it doesn’t know is that I would go for
miles just to prove that I am just as tough.
You are a Giant and I am that speck in your eye.
The gusts of winds have been your breathing all
along, the rain has been your tears and the sunrise
is your bedroom light.
The cold is like your refrigerator the hot is your
lovely wrath.
These hallways are always ridiculously cold,
no sounds embrace them at all, to think that I
knew why all along.

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