The Good Little Wolf and the Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time there was a good little wolf. He was walking by the river one day when he came to three houses, one each of straw, wood, and brick. A little pig was looking out of a window of the straw house. A second little pig was working on the wooden house, which he had almost finished. A third little pig was working on the brick house, which was about half finished.
The wolf knocked on the door of the straw house, as he did so asking, “Little pig, little pig, want to play?” From inside the house came the reply, “You’re a bad wolf, so go away!”
Puzzled, the wolf went on to visit the second pig, who was putting a lock on the door of his new wooden house. As the wolf came close, the pig rushed inside his house, and slammed and locked the door.
Upset, the wolf decided to see if the third pig needed help with the brick house he was building. But as the wolf approached, the pig started throwing bricks at him.
The wolf decided to leave before more than his feelings were hurt, and to go and visit his uncle.

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