The Good Little Wolf and His Big Bad Uncle

The good little wolf knocked on the door of his uncle’s house. “Big bad uncle, let me in!” he requested. “Favorite nephew, where have you been?” his uncle asked as he opened the door.
“I’ve been walking by the river, and I met three little pigs.”
“Were they tasty?”
The little wolf was, not for the first time, horrified by his uncle. “I didn’t try to eat them. I wanted to play with them and help them finish their houses.”
His uncle sighed. “You are such a good little wolf. No, don’t smile! That’s not good – I mean, that’s not right – for a wolf. A wolf should be bad. How many times do I have to tell you? Just like a butterfly should be beautiful, and a skunk smelly, a wolf should be bad. Big as well, but time and food will see to that. Here, I just made ham sandwiches for lunch. Take one on your walk.”
The good little wolf politely thanked his uncle for the sandwich, respectfully bid him good day, and continued his walk.

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