A detained meal

As they crept closer to the pasture land, Sao began whipping her emerald green tail agitatedly from side to side. “Sao? what is it?” the boy drew in front of his dragon while quickly taking out a small jade dagger – the color of his dragon.

The birds’ sweet songs swiftly shifted to that of warning calls and the trees seemed to grow around them. The boy tensed as he heard the bleating of sheep farther along the heavily wooded path. Sao snorted, steam escaping her flared nostrils, as the boy carefully knelt to examen the surrounding area.

The birds’ calls grew distant, until there was only the menacing ‘swish swish!’ of Sao’s glistening tail. Her muscular neck rippled as she silently turned to the bristling boy. “Yes” he said, understanding her, “it definitely feels like him”.

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