Clover High: Legend of the Tunnels

I gave Frederick a curious look but he only smiled at me. Snap launched into the story before I had a chance to ask any questions.
“The legend of the Clover High Tunnels.” he paused for dramatic effect. “The story goes that there used to be a prison a couple miles from here. Way out in Cleveland as one might say. Well anyway, some convicts escaped, murderes I think, and hid in the tunnels. Well these three kids used to play here all the time and apparebtly the convicts killed them and set all kinds of booby traps. They say at night you can still hear the kids screaming.”
Frederick frowned at him.
“What?” Snap demanded.
Dylan whistled. “Dude.”
“Snap you should be ashamed of yourself.” Frederick shook his head.
“You have absolutely no skill in storytelling.” he said.
I couldn’t even restrain my laughter.
“Well fine then.” Snap said, with injured dignity. “I apologize for my inadequate skills.”
That did it.
Frederick, Dylan and I roared with laughter.
After a while Snap joined in.

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