My Little Cubicle

My iPod headphones buzzed off the alarm. I groaned, and sat up in bed. I checked my watch.
Yep, 4:30am. Right on time.
I was about to get out of bed, but I paused when I heard a quiet groan and a gentle hand on my shoulder.
“mhmm. Jason? You getting up this early?” My girlfriend whispered.
“Yeah.” I sighed. “My boss wants me there at the crack of dawn.”
“C’mon.” She whined. “Stay in bed for a little bit.”
“Sorry.” I said, kissing her forehead. “But I gotta go to work.”
I got out of bed and flicked on the white fluorescent light on in my bathroom. I got showered and put on slacks and a tie, trying my damnedest to convince myself that this was going to be a good day.
I grabbed my work bag and jumped into my car. Traffic was horrible, as usual. I finally got into my building. I took an elevator to the fourth floor. I walked into my cubicle and started my work.

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