A Serious Problem?

Dailey had just begun to teach me how to close other people out of mind and out of mindspeak conversations. I thought I was doing pretty well.
“There you go!” Dailey encouraged. “You’ve almost got it! Remember, its almost like closing and locking a gate. Just with your mind.”
“O.K… I think I’ve got it.” I said.
I felt Dailey’s probing about my defenses looking for a weak spot. Then he struck unexpectedly. I felt it of course, but it didn’t hurt and he didn’t get through.
“Perfect.” Dailey grinned.
Angela came running in our direction screaming Dailey’s name. Anna was following just a little behind.
“What’s her problem?” I asked curiously.
Dailey rolled his eyes. “She probably broke a nail or something. Or maybe she was teaching Anya some moves and Anya threw her into the pond.
Dailey and I cracked up but the laughter died on our lips when we saw the serious look on Angela’s face.
“What’s up?” Dailey asked with concern.

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