Silently Screaming Continued

As I saw myself laying there in the hospital bed and my entire family around me, I completely understood why my family was doctor phobic. First it was Sydney’s twin, then my dad and now me. I saw myself hooked up to a machine that was allegedly keeping me breathing, but I had my doubts. I mean, what made me so special, why keep me alive? I’m just one person and I guess it’s “god’s plan”, that’s what my mom always called it.
“Darlene will be alright mom. She’ll pull through this,” Drew said confidently with tears swelling up in his eyes, “I’m not about to lose another relative.”
Drew quickly left and Angie rushed into the room, she had been at the college, I mean come on, she has a life too.
“Oh my god,” Angie said quietly, “what happened to Darlene?”
The way she looked at me and how she ran her fingers through my red bangs made me cry, but where was I? I knew that I was looking at myself. When I looked up I saw exactly where I was, I was sitting on the couch in my hospital room. I was alive?

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