The Long of the Short?

“So…do you want the long or the short life story?”
“uh…short i guess.”
“okay, well around 15 years ago a “young” vampire named Vladimer was traveling the world when he happened to travel to Rome, Italy. There he met a young mortal woman by the name of Rosabell. She had struck Vladimer’s curiosity as soon as he had set his eyes upon her. Her Dark Chocolate hair and her San Fransico Bay colored eyes. She was, for lack of a better word, stunning. After trailing her for a couple days he soon fell in love. A vampire falling in love with a mortal is not unheard of, but is usually never acted upon. He approached her. As in, he actually reacted on his feelings.
“The two were married 3 weeks later. Rosabell never knowing that he was a vampire. For a while they were incadescently happy. Then one day, Rosabell approached Vladimer and annouched she was pregnant. This caused Vladimer to shiver in fear. He knew about the prophecy about the Halfings and he didn’t want that for his child!”

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