“Mom! Where is my cami? MOM ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME ?! I NEED MY CAMI !”

Ashley was freaking out. She didn’t know where her and Cameron were going, so she had absolutly no clue what to wear. Eventually, she decided on a blue cami with lace and a really amazing pair of black pants. She didn’t want to be too dressed up so she settled for black and blue skater shoes.

“Mom? Mom, are you home? Ok, well if you are could you please acknowledge me?”


“Okay if you are home I’m going out tonight. I’ll see you before midnight. I’ll leave you a note in case I’m standing here talking to myself.”

Cameron was also freaking out. He still had no idea where he was going to take Ashley. It wasn’t really a date… but it could be. It had to be somewhere where they could talk and be themselves.

Cameron spotted a phone book sitting on his kitchen table. He flipped it open to a random page, pointed at something with his eyes closed and then opened his eyes.

Austin’s Bowling.

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