“Should I get out and go ring her doorbell? No, then I’ll have to deal with her parents. What if she can’t see me sitting here? What if she can and is just waiting for me to go get her? Alright, I’m getting out.”

On the way to Ashley’s door, Cameron was almost severely injered several times. He tripped over a rock, ran into the side of the house, anything you could think of, he did.

Ding Dong

“I HATE YOU . I DON ’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY .” Ashley was inside screaming. Cameron debated just walking away. Before Cameron had any time to move, Ashley opened the door.

“C’mon. I don’t care what they say. We’re leaving.” Ashley sounded pissed.

“By the way where are we going.” Ashley’s curiousity overcame her anger.

“Bowling.” Short simple and to the point. Cameron just hoped Ashley liked to bowl.

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