Meeting Mr.Jonas

Mrs. Jonas insisted that I spend the night, err…, morning in the hotel in the adjoining room. I didn’t argue, its not like I had anywhere else to go. We were all wide awake and there was no way we were going to fall asleep. I was sitting on the bed watching 1408 with Kevin, Joe and Nick. We had all seen it before but that didn’t stop us from jumping out of our skin when Mr. Jonas crashed through the door with a bunch of stuff.
I thought my heart was going to punch it’s way out of my chest.
“Dad!” Nick and Joe cried with surprise.
“Boys!” Mr. Jonas nodded to the bags he was holding.
Immediately all four of us jumped up and grabbed the bags from him. They were my guitar case, my suitcase, some other things that I guess were the boys stuff.
They introduced me to their Father and told him everything. After being thanked profusely again, Mrs. Jonas declared that it was time for bed. We all went without complaining and the second I hit the bed in the next room I was asleep.

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