Angels Don't Like Pizza

So the 6 of them galloped out of the land of I Don’t Know with speed faster than cabbage. Well, with the exception of Sir Sebastian who was riding a llama. (There weren’t enough horses for all of them.)
Now it is twilight, and our courageous travelers are beginning to grow weary.
“I think we should stop and rest,” says Abella.
“But where?” Sir Damien asks.
Aurora’s bag suddenly moves and out pops the head of her pet flying fox, FooBoo. FooBoo refuses to leave Aurora, so he had to come too. FooBoo leaps from the horse and flies off.
They follow FooBoo until they find him perched on top of one of two abandoned tents. There also happens to be a fire, and two boxes of extra cheesy pizza. How convenient!
“Yes!” shouts Sir Gavin. “The angels have sent us shelter and food!”
“Don’t be silly,” says Abella, “angels don’t like pizza.”
“Well, whatever. Let’s get settled and eat already! I’m starving!”
So our six friends dismount and quickly begin snatching pieces of the deliciously cheesy pizza goodness.

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