Not Quite as Scary as a Flesh-Eating-Baboon

Well now that our friends have full bellies, they can finally relax. They tie down the animals and go to their tents for the night. Then the whispers start.
“What, Aurora?”
“Do you hear something?”
“It’s not a MOTH is it!?” shrieks Quinn. “EEK! I felt something!”
“That’s just FooBoo.”
Suddenly Sir Damien calls from outside the tent.
“Guys, get out here,” he says. “We have company!”
“Oh no, what if it’s a bear!?” Abella exclaims.
“Don’t be silly, Abella! Bears don’t live out here,” explains Quinn.
“Oh, thank goodness!”
“If anything it’s probably more likely to be a tiger or a flesh-eating-baboon.”
“Yeah, that made me feel so much better.”
Finally the girls gather up enough courage to go out and see their visitor. They appear to be relieved when they see that it is not a monster, but someone of their own own species. A girl.

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