The Jonas Robbery Part 33: The Plane Ride

By the end of the phone conversation with my mother, It had been settled that I would to Dallas, stay with the Jonas Brothers and attend their concert, and my parents would take the next flight to Dallas to come pick me up.

“So, I have to ask,” I said, after hanging up the phone, “Why were you in a supermarket? You’re famous. What do you need to go to a groccery store for?”

“Well, we had a few days break in between tour dates. We were stopped in your city, and, we just wanted to go somewhere totally normal.” Joe replied. “I mean, yeah, we’re famous. That’s why we wanted to do the most normal, boring thing we could think of. And, it’s a supermarket, we figured nobody would recognize us.”

“Do you like your necklace?” Kevin asked eagerly. I realized that I still had the necklace clutched in my hand. “Yes! I love it!” I quickly said back as I put it around my neck. I truly did love it. I didn’t ever want to take it off.

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