The Jonas Robbery Part 34: Arriving At Dallas

We talked about so many things on the rest of the way. Their career, their lives, everything.

When we finally reached Dallas and stepped off the plane, the first thing I noticed was how much warmer it was. The sky was sunny and there was a cool but pleasant breeze.

The guards escorted us into the airport. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Jonas waiting for their sons.
They had apparently come on another airplane. "Hey Mom!" Nick yelled.
The boys hugged their parents. "What are you doing here, honey?" Mrs. Jonas asked me.

“Crowd of fans, security guards, big mix up,” Joe told his mother. We made our way outside to where the silver SUV was waiting.

“Don’t you drive around in a tour bus?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Nick told me, “But we left it back in Chicago with the driver because we needed to get down here right away.”

“Our driver will get it here for us soon,” added Joe. “Our next stop after this is Oklahoma. So, when the bus gets here, we’ll drive there.”

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