“I hate them!!” Lizzie screamed to no one in particular. “I hate them I hate them!” She flopped down on her bed and and sobbed into her pillow. She heard her parents screaming at each other down stairs – the usual. Turning on the radio to drown out their voices, she finally decided she should just run away. Her dad had always been so… overbearing, threatening to hit her whenever she did something wrong, and he often did. Not that he was abusive, but it just made Lizzie feel horribly unloved. She pulled out her duffel bag and packed it – clothes, her radio, cell phone, various electronic devices, a pack of cookies, and other various survial essentials: a knife, a can opener, etc… just in case. Before she left, she took all the money she had been saving, and solemnly opened the window. She looked back at her room for one last time, and left.

to be continued
(Somebody please sequel and I’ll do the one after that)

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