Confusion that Followed

He stumbled towards the bathroom, still unshaky from the night before. He rubbed the sleep out his eyes and splashed water on his face. As he went to dry his face, he felt a sharp pain on his jaw and noticed blood on the towel. Upon further examination he noticed just how deep the gash on his jaw was, further evidence that he really did what he until now, only assumed he did.

He pulled antiseptic out of the medicine cabinet and started to clean his wound, grimacing. He thought about taking something for the pain, but knew that that would only add to his confusion. And he knew he would be needing to think clearly in the next couple of hours.

He retraced his steps, driving along the streets, past the familiar landmarks of the countryside, until he found the place of the meeting the night before. He scoured the area, looking for any sign, anything that might tell him exactly what had happened, what he had done. All he found were empty bottles and trampled grass, nothing that could help him further.

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