Connection to the Old Life (A New Life)

Amanda was my only contact with the outside world. The guru, who called himself Paulo, strictly forbid conversation with anyone from what he called the old life. Cell phones were confiscated, homes and vehicles sold for the benefit of the new life. Everyone lived within the compound, so solitude was hardly ever an option.

After Amanda and I discovered the book, she made me promise that no matter what happened I find Joshua. We poured over the book for hours trying to discern the best course of action. Funny to think that all this time when I thought my brother was slacking his way through life, he was secretly plotting to dissolve a dangerous cult.

But clearly he had bitten off more than he could chew.

According to the book, the compound was guarded by eight mercenaries, who evenly split twelve hour shifts. The surveillance was state of the art, so getting messages in and out was going to be a problem. But without those messages I might lose touch with reality.

We came up with a plan.

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