The Jonas Robbery Part 35: No Flights

Mrs. Jonas drove us to the hotel where we would stay until the concert. We got an absolutely beautiful suite that had a living room and three bedrooms. “Wow!” I was amazed. “What?” asked Nick.

“This hotel room is gorgeous!” I said.

Joe and Nick just shrugged, as if it was nothing beyond ordinary to them.

It was about three thirty in the afternoon, and we were all a little hungry. So, we left the hotel and went to the drive in at McDonalds. “It’s a lot easier to just eat here than to go to that fancy restaurant in the hotel,” Nick explained.

As soon as we got back to the hotel, I called my parents to ask them when they were coming to pick me up. It wasn’t that I wanted to leave, I just wanted to know when to expect them.

My mom broke the news to me that there were no flights to Dallas for the next week. I had to hold my breath to keep from shrieking with joy.

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