Now that he has all the time in the world, he can reflect on those colors; the colors that have defined his life….and death. He had passion, great passion, in his life. He loved so strongly that he thought nothing could ever tear his love away. Sadly, he was mistaken on the ways of love. His burning-red desire turned to the ghastly green of jealousy. That deadly green-eyed monster took hold of him with no warning and took no prisoners. In hindsight, there was no reason to be jealous. He knows that now, but one can never see the light once in the throes of the monster. It changes your life forevermore. Even in death. The monster was so strong that it overtook his senses and passion once again emerged in his life. But now it was passion for revenge. That’s when the red river flowed from his veins and those of his loved ones. The passion drained away and left the cold blue kiss of death. And here he lays. Forever to think on the colors of his life….and death.

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