The Jonas Robbery Part 36: Staying With JB

“Okay,” I said, “Let me go tell the boys.” I put the phone down and walked to the living room where everyone was watching television. “My parents said there aren’t any flights for another week, so they can’t pick me up.” Everyone turned from the television and looked at me. I stood, waiting for a response. “Well then you can just stay with us,” Nick said cooly. I turned to Mrs. and Mr. Jonas for approval. “Emily,” said Mrs. Jonas, “you are more than welcome to stay with us for as long as you need to.”

I smiled and giggled, despite my attempts to hold back my happiness. All three boys smiled.

“Okay, I’ll go tell my mom.” I hurried back into the bedroom and picked the phone back up. “Mom?”

“Yeah?” she said.

“They said I can stay with them as long as I need to!” I spoke quietly, so Nick, Joe, and Kevin couldn’t hear the excitement in my voice.

“Are you sure it’s okay with their parents?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, they said it’s fine.”

“Okay!” Mom laughed. She was excitied for me, too.

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