Heavenly Light

As the light swirls around me, I notice that it is filled with millions of tiny particles. These particles seem to change with each revolution. Faces, objects, places; all these things are contained in something the size of the head of a pin. Yet, I can see each one clearly. As if this wasn’t amazing enough, there also seems to be music emanating from the light. Or should I say from within the light. It swells and ebbs with each revolution. It is the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It makes me feel as if Heaven has descended upon me. As the words of the song begin to reach my ears, something wonderful happens: my tongue begins to tingle. If I were anywhere else, I would think bad thoughts. But here, in the light, it seems impossible. “Mango!” I exlaim, as the taste assaulting my tongue is recognized. The light seems to breathe in, growing larger with the breath from my words. “Mango!” It happens again. My heart swells, fit to burst at the miraculous event that is occuring around me.

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