Everything is Awesome. Fundamentally

Things were pretty normal from our little stargazing session. I walked he to class everyday.Even if the consequence was being late to my own classes. That annoying teacher, Mr. Frankford, asked me again why I’m not in the special-ed class. I got pretty pissed.
I stood up from my seat. I walked up to the board and felt for a piece of chalk. I started scribbling ferociously on the blackboard, forming a complex algebra problem. I solved it correctly and rapped my knuckles against the board.
“That…is why I’m not in a special-ed class.” I said, and popping my collar for a finishing effect.
“How come it isn’t lop-sided… you know….like normal blind kid’s writing?” Some kid called out from the class.
“I’ve had a lot of practice.” I said in a steely voice, shooting him the bird later.
I wasn’t bothered by him for a while after that. Hayley laughed a lot about it, too.
But all and all, things were going great, from holding hands walking in, to the kiss after walking her home.

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