Dear Diary Missy

Dear Diary,

Okay, he’s in my homeroom, first period math, and five to six period english. My eyes are constantly darting over to him, he really does have yummy hair. And his eyes, oh Dear Diary I could write forever about them.. they’re sort of a grayish blue – not my first choice, but he makes it work – and when I look at them.. mmm.☺

I could go on for a while about him, but I have other news.

First off: we’re officially moved in. My bedroom is this totally hot shade of red on three of the walls and then a metalic purple as an accent on the final wall. My comforter matches the wall, as planned, and all of my dressers and desks are a dark wood. I’ve outdone myself this time, this will have to go in my portfolio for college if I want to get into interior designing.

Second: This one girl, her name is Missy, she took pity on me and sat with me at lunch. I think she’s a cheerleader, which is suprising because that’s against the law of nature, but she talked to me, which is a start.

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