One Door To Many

On the way to the bowling alley, Ashley didn’t know what to say to Cameron. She new he had heard her fighting with her parents, but she wasn’t sure how much he had heard and what he thought of it. She decided to just let it go and not mention it at all.

“So what was up with you and your parents?”
So much for Ashley’s idea.

“Haha, well you see my parents are veryyy… overprotective they think that if they don’t know where I am at all times, I’m going to get myself killed. Since they don’t know about Brett and I, actually no one knows, they wanted to know why I was going somewhere with you. So they yelled at me for being with you and not Brett and I said I don’t care what you say and left.”

Ashley could not believe all of that just poured out of her mouth. She usually didn’t even tell people her teacher’s names let alone things about her family.

“At least you see your parents once in a while.” Cameron had just opened one door to many in his opinion.

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