You Ate My Pizza!

“Who are you?”
“What are you doing here?”
“Sir Gavin, why are you wearing fuzzy, pink bunny slippers?”
“My feet get chilly!”
Our excursionists all look at the strange girl in confusion. The girl, who’s sitting by the fire, looks just as discombobulated as they are.
“This is my campsite,” says the girl. “What did you think? That this all just magically fell from the sky?”
“Sort of…”
“Hey! You guys ate my pizza!”
“We’re sorry,” Abella murmurs.
Our friends take a seat by the fire in their pajamas and explained their situation to the girl.
“Well, I suppose you guys can stay for tonight.”
“Thank you so very much,” says Sir Damien.
“No problem. By the way, my name is Jade. My friend and I came out here just to get away for a while. He won’t be back for a little bit though.”
“Is there anything we can do to make up for our ignorance?” questions Sir Damien.
“Actually, my friend needs travel to the very same land you are heading to. Do you think he could travel with you?”
“Of course! The more the merrier!”

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