Is it Going to be a Nice Night?

“What was that?” Darn Ashley had caught it.

“Nothing. Look there it is!” Cameron changed the subject as soon as he could.

“Austins?!? Oh my gosh! This is by far the best place to go bowling. When I was young I loved to bowl.” Ashley had suprised herself yet again for being so open.

“I know! I must say I’m a pretty good bowler. I think you don’t stand a chance.” Cameron couldn’t help but flirt with her, no matter how bad he felt for Brett.

“Are you saying girls can’t bowl?” Ashley said playfully.

“No! Not at all! I’m just saying boys can bowl better!” To Cameron it was like being 5 again, when the only thing you had to worry about was if you would be allowed to eat dessert even if you didn’t eat all your peas.

Ashley tried to run ahead urging Cameron to race her… Cameron passed her in seconds.

“One lane, two bowlers please.” Cameron had already paid by the time Ashley caught up to him.

“C’mon lets bowl!”
Cameron had a feeling it was going to be a nice night.

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