Picking Up Emily

“Who’s Emily?” I asked, surprised by Nick’s outburst.
“A friend of ours. It’s a long story.” he said running a hand through his hair. “We have to pick her up!” He sprinted through the doors to wake up the others.
Soon we were all in the new tour bus, with a new bodyguard/driver Big Rob. We were on our way to Carson to pick up Emily. On the way there the Jonas Brothers filled me in on the extent of her bravery. We walked up to her house and Kevin rang the doorbell.
It opened after a moment and a girl screamed more loudly then I’ve ever heard in my life. The Jonas Brothers didn’t even flinch.
“Hey.” Kevin said. “We’re here to pick up Emily.” I heard a strange clunking noise and a girl with dark brown hair with blonde highlights appeared behind the other. She was on crutches. “Calm down, Molly.” she grinned.
“Yeah right.” Molly said. “I have something for you guys! I’ll be right back!” she rushed off into the house.
“Hi Emily.” Kevin said.
Molly came back and shoved something into Kevin’s hands.

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