First Day (Apple Tree)

Then my books fell, I bend down to pick them up and I noticed and very masculine hand reach for them.

I told my self don’t look up but I had to see who was helping me.

I slowly look up, first I saw a very powder blue shirt, the smell coming from it was like sedation all rapped up in cotton.

I then look at his chin, “Oh my,” then I saw the button nose and then I was full faced with a baby blue eyed longed haired blond.

I pushed my glasses back on to my face.

“Here you go!”

“Thannnk you!”

He smiled as he ask me my name, I said in a nervous voice,”Jessie”

“Jessie, nice to meet you, first day is it?”

“Yes, it is!”

“Well nice meeting you!”

“Like wise.”

He walked away and I followed him unitl his hair was no longer in my sight.

I had gotten my school schedule, and orientation was over. I kept drifting back to the scent on his shirt.

“Darn I don’t know his name!”

I went to the Apple tree, to tell the tree that my first day was great. I also told the tree that I…......

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