Do Not Enter This Most Awesome Challenge...Today

As you may know, Monday the 10th is the International Day of Awesomeness (there’s a link in my profile). The idea is to do something awesome. Lame as it is, I thought I’d do a challenge. But not just any challenge: an awesome challenge.

Here’s the game, we swarm ficlets with awesomeness. The challenge is write, starting Monday morning, ficlets with ‘Awesome’ in the title. The idea is to keep ‘Awesome’ in the Recent Ficlets column all day long Monday.

Two ways to play.

Way One: Sequel this ficlet (not today! Monday! Do not do today! Wait until Monday!) with one of the following options.
1. Wrong time to say, “Awesome.”
2. Who’s the most awesomest ever?
3. “Just how awesome are you?” as starter, ender, or thesis.

Way Two: Simply go on about your awesomeness, but somehow work ‘Awesome’ into the title of an installment in your series or whatever else you’re doing. Please drop me a note or comment if you do.

Let’s be awesome…but not until Monday! Do not do until Monday! Got it? Awesome!

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