golf dude

so basically.. it was another day with blair, alyse, and beaner 2. when suddenly.. golf dude was passing by. alyse got a sudden smile on her face, and it lit up. we knew how she felt. =] “dude.. are you ever gonna tell him?” we asked, hoping for the answer yes. she just looked at us shyly, “i dont think so, i dont want it to be akward.” “COME ON!” we all shouted. we knew it would all work out. we knew it would be okay, but that wasnt enough. it was time for blair, beaner 2, and i to make this all work out.
finally we realized, there was no other alternative. we haddd to get him to tell her first, or make them tell eachother at the same time. how though? it was puzzling. Then… suddenly we knew.
we approached golf dude. “hey mayn,, whats up?” we all said trying to engage in conversation. “hey guys, nothing. what are you guys up to?” “nothing” we said fastly. “so golf dude… who do you like?” maybe this was too obvious to start a conversation but it was worth it. “uhm.. someone” he replied.

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