golf dude 2

we continued the conversation.. trying to get him to warm up to us and tell us. but we had no sudden luck. we’d have to approach it a different way.
“so golf dude.. are you ever gonna tell her?” we asked. “uhmm.. i dont know, i dont want it to be akward” then.. aylse walked by, and his head turned to follow her steps, he smiled, and his white skin glowed like never before and we all knew. we knew it was alyse. HE LIKED ALYSE . we all got the hint. and told him just to tell her, he said he would.
after class we saw him pull her aside, and saw him trying to explain something, and then, her face lit up with joy, she smiled like she never has before, and he did too. they walked to lunch with their arms around eachother.
as they walked away, she turned back to us and smiled.
we knew our work was done. they lived happily ever after.
=] the end.

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