Ash Is The Winner! Or Is She...?

Ash glared at Marianne with such ferocity Jerry thought she would melt under her gaze.
“Come on, Ash.” Jerry said, softly.
Marianne just stood there the cup still on top of her head dumbfounded. Ash didn’t move.
“Come on, Ash. Let’s go before that stain sets.” Jerry said taking her elbow. Ash went without a word to anyone. Inconspicuously Jerry went and gently pushed Marianne with his hip as he led Ash away. She toppled over and knocked over a table, she hadn’t been standing very well. Jerry hid his smile of satisfaction as he walked Ash to the bathroom.
She came out a couple minutes later, the stain was faded but still there as obvious as a nerd in the popular crowd.
Jerry took off his hoodie and handed it to Ash. She put it on, zipped it up and immediately burst into tears.
Jerry drew her into his arms without a comment and just held her there.

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