The screen was all, and the screen was everything. Time was there for gazing into the screen and pressing the keys, rolling the mouse, clicking, clicking clicking.

Any thought could be interrupted at any time by any whim. Consciousness became a flowing river, ever changing, meandering, leaving behind stagnant oxbow lakes.

The future and the past were no longer relevant. There was no reason to plan a future, and the past plans lay forgotten.

All this was driven by a hunger. A special kind of hunger. For amusement, for knowledge, or just to continue the journey?

The Jelly beans sustained me. And the cola.

Once I’d had Friends who dropped by to swap jokes and tell stories. Now I swapped stories with strangers on forums, turned on Skype Me mode, and wandered around in Second Life oggling images of how people wished they could be.

Then I realised that I needed to pee, and if I didn’t then I’d have to sit in front of the screen in damp pants. Perhaps I should search for a catheter on eBay.

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