drunk driving, the sequle

every day people are dieing because of drunk drivers. Or at least there is an accedent. please do not drink and drive. it has been proven that every 18 minutes a teenager is in a accedent from a drunk driver. and sometimes you can be hurting yourself. i know, i know your probably thinking, “o great another one of “these” people” but before you judge look at this…

go to:

there is a picture of a fatal driving accedent. and four people were killed.

Another thing.. my sister, she had just turned 15, was in an accedent and almost died. i can remember the night very clearly. if anyone has a family member or a friend be in an accedent then you know what i am talking about. So please go to the link above and post this link on myspace,faithfreaks,here on ficlets, ANYWHERE YOU CAN . and tell people to think about what there doing first.

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