Death By Candlelight

I was gonna die. This fate, my impending doom, was inevitable.
I sat on the hard, cold floor. The room, in which I was confined, was small. The only light came from the glowing flames of 3 short candles . I watched the fire flicker and dance for a while, to keep my imagination occupied. My eyes started to droop, my heartbeat slowed, and the flames seemed to start dying down.
Then, I looked over at the only other thing within the room, a slice of bread and a glass of water. Although I was hungry, I didn’t dare bring either of the objects anywhere near my lips for fear that it was poisoned.
It was a scary thing. You know you’re gonna die, but you don’t know how or when. It could be a week from now, or it could be seconds from now. My mind had tortured me with thoughts of exactly how I would die.Would a deadly gas fill the room? Would it be quick?
My fatigue had vanished, and my heart was pounding now. The flames were growing.
I heard footsteps. Tap, tap, tap
The door opened.
The flames blew out.

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