You Two

Tyler kissed me goodbye at the door to the apartment building. I walked into the apartment with a big smile.

“Hey Hayley. Who was that you were with?“ My dad asked.
“Tyler, apparently he is the blind kid in school,” I said dumping my bag on the ground.
“Oh yeah? You two seem to be spending a lot of time together. You two would make the perfect couple, you both seem to be able to stick up for each other in ways you both need.” He’s right, we are do, don’t we?

I lay in my bed, thinking over thing that has happened these past couple of days. My dad was actually right; we were perfect for each other. True love, I guess, comes in all shapes, sizes, and in some cases, disabilities. I liked Tyler for who he was and what he could do, not for his disabilities. I mean, I would kick anyone’s butt who tried to mess with him, happily.

I don’t know how or why, but I knew nothing would ever come between us. We were like milk and cookies; we were made to be together…

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