The Girl Who Destroyed The World

Let’s network, let’s work together, if it were a question, would it have an answer? I sure do hope that I am doing this well if not right. I just did and as far as I know, it is all I know. English 11 after school tutorial today, how so very inconvenient to know that I put off writing that page of notes on the history notes for The Grapes Of Wrath, personally, a book that should not have to be read in high school. College and SATs, I happen to be very indecisive and the lock in my hair is tired from being twirled all day today. I will stop. Summer is almost here again, more “Summer Love,” lust and memories for a lot of America’s youth. How sad. Neither do you get me wrong though, we are all in all still children at teenage years and I am no part of any organized religion/belief: “Let us be moral to be moral”. A boy I once kissed told me that, and I figured that he was so very right. Age 16 came and went by so fast already, I think that I am in the need of a brand new name and label.

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