Runaway 3

Lizzie struggled to open her eyes. She was dead tired and her body ached as she pushed her hand up to rub her eyes, and she pulled her eyes open with her fingers.

“Ahhhhhhh!!” She screamed, as she saw a grimy face inches above hers. The face sprang backwards, and Lizzie observed that he was maybe a year older than her, with torn clothes and a goofy smile, yet in his eyes, Lizzie saw a flicker of seriousness before she hurled herself backwards.
“The name’s Ian, what’re you doin’ her, eh?” He leaned against the oak tree, smiling as if staring at sleeping people was his hobby, and she was the fifth today.
“Lizzie… what were you doing over me?” She almost hesitated, and was sure her voice had wavered, but he didn’t seem to think her a coward, because he looked at her with…respect?
“Yar’ not many people can ask a question like ‘em, yer’ got some spine on ye’. I was only watchin’ you, I never seened you ‘afore.” He slurred, and she furrowed her brows as she deciphered what he had said.

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