A Long Story

I could tell Emily was a bit confused by my sudden appearence, but she seemed really nice.
She turned to Molly. “I’ll call you later, o.k?”
“You’d better!” Molly cried, as Emily gave her an awkward hug around her crutches. After they said goodbye and thanked Molly for her help, we all boarded the tour bus.
“So Wesley, how did you meet the Jonas Brothers?” Emily asked. “Or did you already know them from before?”
I laughed. “No. I just met them yesterday.”
Emily looked even more confused. “What?”
“It’s a long story.” I said.
A long one which we proceeded to tell her, each of us pitching in to help. Kevin, tactfully left out the part in the emergency room, the others didn’t know about that. I could see that Emily was shocked.
“Oh my God! You were so brave!” she cried.
“Well, not really.” I said feeling my face turning red. “I wasn’t being shot at or anything.”
“It dosen’t matter.” Emily insisted. “It’s still true.”

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