Oh, Wonderful World, I Cry For Thee

I never expected this to happen.

It all started when, one day, out of the darkness, from no beginning to no end, I decided to create the world.

Not just any old, little, dusty, forgotten planet. A planet that could do things, be one of a kind, tower over all others, move mountains!

And that’s exactly what I started to do.

I moved mountains.

I scooped out the sea.

I carved creeks.

I leveled the plains.

I planted forests.

I created creatures.

I gave life to everything alive.

I made man.

And through him, I invented imagination.

Perhaps that was my downfall. Perhaps that was what drove man to seek more then he should, then he could, know. Perhaps that is why my world, my precious, wonderful world, became this… thing, the hideous, disgusting shell of what it was meant to be. Maybe that was my downfall.

But… even in that downfall, past the hideous shell of my once beautiful world, wonderful treasure lies. Waiting to be found. But I can do nothing. It is up to man to uncover it once more…

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