Oh My Jonas

I set down the bag of clothes I had been carrying in one hand. Molly had taken me shopping for some new clothes. I couldn’t believe what had happened while I was at Molly’s. The Jonas Brothers just couldn’t get a break these days!

“So I take it you didn’t go to the concert?” I asked.

“Nope,” replied Kevin. We were at the hospital. “I feel so bad for all the fans we let down,” added Nick, “We have to reschedule that concert for later this month.”

“Oh my God! I have to go to a dance recital!” Wesley exclaimed. “I can’t believe I forgot! It’s the reason why I was driving to Oklahoma in the first place!”

“Oh my Jonas!” I yelled.

And then my face turned bright red.

“Oh my Jonas?!” Kevin and Joe laughed. “Is that what our fans say?!”

I nodded, trying to laugh it off. “Sorry, I usually say that a lot.”

Now even Nick was laughing. “Haha, it’s okay, Emily. Sounds kinda cool,” said Kevin.

“So where’s the dance recital gonna be at?” I asked Wesley.

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