Time for Me to Fly

Where is it…where is it?!? I was racing around my room trying to follow the buzzing noise; my cell phone ringing. I was getting really frustrated when I finally found it, and flipped it open without looking at who was calling.
“Hey! What you doing?â€? A male voice said to me.
“Rushing. And what do you need Nick?â€? I was in a hurry to get to school. I checked my alarm clock, 6:45.
“Just wanted to say hey, and that I am bored.â€? I laughed. He was always bored.
“You are always bored. And why aren’t you asleep? You don’t have a gig until later, I assume?â€? Nick could sleep anywhere. Standing up, in a rock hard chair, in the most uncomfortable position, and you could find him, fast asleep. It was pretty ridiculous.
“Well, we have a radio interview at seven-thirty and we are on our way.â€? He replied.
“We are in…um…hold on. HEY DAD ! Where are we?â€? I pulled the phone away from my ear. Ow.
“We are in Texas.â€?
“Wow. That’s cool. Going back to your roots huh?â€? He was born in Texas.

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