Time for Me to Fly 5

“Who called you?”
“Just…um…Nick.â€? I tried to act completely focused on the road.
“Oh. The infamous Nick, who I know nothing about.â€? For some reason this was a sore subject with Dizzy. I just hadn’t told her yet. Nick was in a band. He was in a band with Trey and his other brother Paul. Their band name, the Dalton Brothers, was plastered on everything these days. They were number one on almost every radio station and one of their fans was sitting right beside me. I couldn’t tell her that I was best friends with them. I just didn’t want people to know. There were too many things that could happen if I mentioned that the Dalton Brothers were people that I have known since I was three monthes old….And that our parents are best friends. The Dalton Brothers weren’t famous to me. They were Nick, Trey, and Paul. Their parents were like my parents too, and their little brother was my little brother’s best friend.

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