It's A Date

I lay there on my bed and all of the sudden something hit me. How the hell is he getting home? Usually his mother picks him up, but she didn’t this time. I jumped up and ran to the phone. Right as I went to take it, it rang. I picked it up and in a hasty voice said, “Hello?” “Hey.” It was Tyler, thank God. I let out a sigh of relief.
“Hey, how did you get home?” I asked wonderingly.
“I used my cane. It was easy, I’m use to it.” He answered.
“Oh, good. I freaked out because I had no clue how you were getting home.I was just about to call you.”
“Oh, well don’t worry. I am okay.”
“Hey, Tyler, would you like to come over to my place tomorrow?” “Yeah, sure. Sound like fun. But..ummm, does your dad know about me and my….disability?” “Oh, yeah, of course. He doesn’t know about our stargazing session, but he does know we are good friends.” I said. “It’s a date.” That made me smile.

That was that, Tyler was coming over MY house. Though it didn’t really matter, I cleaned my room and the rest of the house.

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