Dar (Hot On The Trail)

“Then what?”

” That was it, I went inside the restaurant.”

“Leave the officer your name and address and phone number we may have more question’s for you later.”

The police was baffeled, the Examinier came and took the body.

The police chief drove up on the scene. The reporters had sat up mobile units in the area to catch the story.

This was number 12 and growing. The police are baffeled, so they went back to head quaters to start up a task unit.

Count Barlshamo, was watching the news and listening to the police. He knew that Dar was close by.

He had to think quick before the police realize what was happening.

His phone rang at the hotel, and it was the police asking him to come down.

They wanted to know, why he was so interested in the recent killings in the area.

They had figured out he was part of it and wanted to know what he knew.

He told them he would come down in the morning.

They sent a car for him that morining to make sure he had came in to speak with them…....

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